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Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't written anything in a while. Been kinda busy.
I don't have much to say here.

Hmm, what's been on my mind as of late...

Oh, parkour.
I really want to get better / learn parkour. It would be so cool. And a good wat to stay in shape.
Also might get back to Kung Fu.
It might aid with parkour, along with a way of self-defence as an extra bonus.
I attempted wall climbs and running on thin areas, also using walls to boost / get over something.
I'm trying, hey, but there's not that much to use around me. The trees are lame, except for this one, but it's COVERED in grass hoppers for some reason. o30 Also, there were rattlesnakes back there, and while I don't care, my parents do.
Ehh, go figure. Parents, amirite?

Went to a parade today with SilverScales. Pretty cool. Christmas Parade in November.

Also, getting new software and such for Christmas to make awesome YouTube videos. Whatwhaaat~ Gonna be vlogging and parody-ing and ranting with SilverScales. Woo~

Feel free to message me!  (Hey, that rhymed!)

May The Moon Lite Path Be The One You Are Guided By,

- Carletta


• Homework

I have so much homework this weekend. .n.

That is all.


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Hey guys~
This is my first blog, I'm sort of new to this site. Hehe.

Anyways, I don't really have any other 'weres' to talk to on this site; I'd like someone that can chat with me about different experiences and just have a good time.
I'd prefer that it's a younger person (that makes me sound like a creeper but-), but by younger I mean like, from the age of 13-17, like not really younger, maybe I should have just said "around my age" instead... -cough- Anyways.

Dreading doing my homework today.. Wanting to go for a run outside in the woods.

That's all for now. c: I'm always available to chat guys! I don't bite.

Keep your best paw forward and away you go!


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